Sunday, November 1, 2015

No. 15: Hospitality taxi cabs are waiting for you (November 1, 2015)

The Japanese taxi industry is offering new services to foreign tourists to help them enjoy Japan as much as possible. Tokyo Taxi Center that manages taxi cabs travelling in the Tokyo metropolis has increased the number of hospitality taxi cabs driven by a driver who can speak English. When you get out of the international terminal of Haneda Airport, you can find a hospitality taxi cab. In addition, one-box taxi cabs that transport more than five people are also available. A taxi company in a sightseeing spot has already made it mandatory for its drivers to learn English conversation.

In Kawagoe of Saitama Prefecture, taxi drivers carry a sheet on which taxi fare and the explanation of the destination are described in foreign languages. Drivers respond to questions from tourists by showing the sheet. At the same time, the number of taxi cabs that allow the driver to settle the payment by cash card in his car is increasing. The Tokyo Olympics is approaching, and Japan and all the Japanese people are working out various actions to hospitalize all people from every corner of the world.  

 Hospitality provided by a taxi driver
the grass-roots activities

Enjoy the scenery showing the discipline of
Japanese taxi dirvers

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