Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No. 4: It is an amazing cycle, isn’t it? (June 20, 2011)

The incumbent prime minister declared in a press conference that Japan would abandon nuclear power generation as a national policy. Under a fierce accusation, he said it was his personal opinion. A press conference is not a place to present a personal opinion. In addition, he is an outgoing prime minister. It is truly dishonorable for an outgoing prime minister to announce his personal opinion for the future of his country in a press conference. To make the story worse, there are scarcely any ongoing projects on the development of natural energy under the government initiative. This is because his administration cut expenditures for projects related to natural energy under the name of budget screening. You can easily imagine that lots of government committees, associations, and research institutes will be established for the development of natural energy, while lots of existing organizations related to nuclear energy will be closed. William Holden gave a very interesting comment to John Wayne in the John Ford’s movie “The Horse Soldiers.” He said, “One is dead, and one is born. It is an amazing cycle, isn’t it?”

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